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George Alley Visits Tryon Estates Rotarians

Rotarian George Alley, Executive Director of Thermal Belt Outreach Ministries (TBOM), visited the Rotary Satellite Club of Tryon – TE at their meeting on Tuesday, February 18th to acquaint the club with the history, functions and future vision of his organization. Tryon Estates Rotarians learned …

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District Governor Visits Club

DG Ervin

At the February 20th meeting of the Rotary Club of Tryon, Rotary District Governor Tiffany Ervin visited the local Rotary Club in recognition of the club’s awarding a $3200 grant to the Tryon Fire Department.  The grant was made in honor of the memory of …

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Tryon Fire Department Receives Rotary Foundation Grant

The Rotary Club of Tryon Foundation funds projects in our area and around the world that support the ideals of Rotary. During this week’s meeting, the Rotary Club of Tryon Foundation awarded a grant of $3,200 to the Tryon Fire Department. The grant was awarded …

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Lyndon Harris – September 12th

The Rotary Club of Tryon was honored to have Lyndon Harris as the guest speaker at last week’s meeting. In April of 2001, Lyndon began his work as the Episcopal Priest in Charge of Community Outreach at St. Paul’s Chapel, in New York City. On …

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Larry Boyd – Paul Harris Fellow

The Rotary Club of Tryon is pleased to recognize Larry Boyd as a Paul Harris Fellow. Paul Harris Fellowships are awarded to Rotarians for their generous, ongoing support of The Rotary Foundation. Before moving to our area, Larry was President of the Rotary Club in …

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Will Barclift – Tryon Arts & Crafts School


The Rotary Club of Tryon was very excited to hear from Will Barclift, Executive Director of the Tryon Arts & Crafts School (TACS), at a recent meeting. Even though the School is just across the street from the Rotary meetings, it has taken a few …

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Reading Is Fundamental

The Rotary Club of Tryon brings the Reading in Fundamental program to Polk Central Elementary students three times each year. On a cold rainy day in January, the Rotarians made their second visit to the school this year. During the program, the Rotarians shared their …

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Lorin Browning Awarded Paul Harris Fellowship


In a ceremony at the January 30th meeting of the Rotary Club of Tryon, Lorin Browning was presented a Paul Harris Award. The award was made possible by his wife, Carol, through her generous contributions to the Rotary Foundation. The ceremony was conducted by Judy …

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Jamie Carpenter presented Paul Harris Award

In a ceremony at the January 23rd meeting of the Rotary Club of Tryon, Jamie Carpenter was presented with the Paul Harris Award. Jamie who is a member of the local Rotary Club and has served as Executive Director of the Tryon Downtown Development Association …

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Tryon Theatre – Scott & Gayle Lane

The members of the Rotary Club of Tryon were treated to a most interesting program at the January 23rd meeting. Scott and Gayle Lane were on hand to present a program on the “Tryon Theatre.” In their presentation, they discussed the importance of knowing your …

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