Rotary Club of Tryon October 2015 Newsletter

Rotary Club of Tryon October 2015 Newsletter

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October is officially  “Economic & Community Development” We hear about Polk County Plans from the ETDC this month.


Oct 1  –  Scott  Lane presents an update on the “Misseldine Project”, an exciting plan to rejuvenate the historic section of downtown Tryon.

Oct 8  –   John Cash, talks about his biking experience with his presentation of        “Bicycling in Majorca”

Oct 15  –  Tryon Police  Chief Jeff Arrowood, gives us a perspective of “Body Cams and Today’s Policing”

Oct 22  –   Joe Picone  presents “Metabolic Syndrome”

Oct 29  –   Robert Williamson, “Economic Development in Polk County”

Sept. Programs coordinated by Carole Bartol & Committee

Please pass along to Rachel Ramsey, Secretary, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware.  This includes good happenings too, as well as status of health……A Memorial Service in remembrance of Bill Wuehrman, a former Rotarian and president of this club, will be held on Saturday, October 10, 11am, at Tryon Presbyterian Church; members are invited to attend the service……. Dale Holl is now in the care of Hospice…..Welcome back to long time member (53 years) Dave Rice, returned from his Michigan summer to home in Tryon……Les Stobbe reports that his wife  Rita is finally getting relief from a case of Shingles, a most painful ailment……    Bill Miller was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship by the club, with District Governor Billi Black presenting……

Dave Murphy has submitted his resignation from the club.

Please welcome Kent Holden (sponsored by Paul Sutherland) and Hewitt (Buck) Lovelace (sponsored by John Garguilo)  Kent is Marketing Director at Tryon Estates and Buck is a retired small business owner.

Billi Black also recognized Major Investors in our club who have supported Rotary at higher levels.:  Jim & Jean Scott, Larry & Alex Poe, Ben &Peggy Woodward, Trux Emerson,  Art & Caroline Brown, Jerry & Joyce Atkins, Bob & Judy Lair. Our appreciation to all.

A Good Time Was Had By All  –  The Annual Shrimpfest was a success and Carol Browning, RCOT Foundation Treasurer,  reports that first accounting shows nearly $18000 raised from Tickets, Sponsors, special  donations.  The weather was fine and the funds will be used during the year on our various incentives locally and with Rotary International.


The Next Event For Our Attention and Participation is the Community Chorus Christmas Concert on Sunday. December 13 at 3pm.  Put this on your calendar, appointment book, refrigerator door,I Phone – whatever you may use to remember important dates – make this a must on your agenda.

Rehearsals begin on Tuesday, Oct. 6 and will result in singers from throughout the area getting ready to entertain, under the direction of Anna Marie Kuether, wih Accompanist Pam McNeil providing the piano lead for the chorus music.

Your part: 1) Buy and/or sell all of the tickets you are awarded. 2) Invite your neighbors and family. Even approach people on the street – sell a ticket or give it to someone who will attend.  3) The chorus works hard to put on this concert and you owe them your best efforts at providing a Full House to hear them sing and show your personal support. Remember, the proceeds from the concert tickets fund our Scholarship Fund – all  the ticket money (as in 100%) goes to the scholarship fund – Rotary is the middleman.

Note: Volunteers are needed to provide refreshments for rehearsal breaks on Tuesdays each week –  see Rachel Ramsey for details.\

Billi Black, Dist. Governor reviewed the club’s accomplishments and projects and remarked, “this is what a Rotary Club should be.”  It should be fun, and it can do so and still be serious about the task – Congratulations – you belong to a real club!

The District 7670 annual conference was announced – The Greatest Gift on Earth,

June 10-12, 2016, Marriot Meadowview Conference Center in Kingsport, Tenn.

For more information, try, or check with the district website.

For good reading, be sure to pick up your Rotary Magazine and look at many different articles that show what Rotary  is doing everywhere (FIND YOUR SEOUL).  The 2016 Rotary Convention will be in Seoul, Korea.  Read the article “Polio and Beyond.”  We can’t let up now, and the virus remains, ready to find unprotected children (eg the refugee horde into Europe has brought some cases into the  heart of Europe – you might want to know more about that.

Also, the District Newsletter is on line at – get help getting on the site if you need  it, but it is full of our neighbors events, and shows what Rotary can accomplish independently, but more importantly, how we can accomplish even more together and in numbers.

The Polk County High School Band gave us a terrific program of music as they presented our program for Sept. 24 under the beautiful hills behind them.  This was a chance to meet these yougsters and hear about their current plan to replace the old uniforms with snappy new ones – maybe you may want to support this  outstanding band.


Rotary Club of Tryon March 2015 Newsletter

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LightUpRotaryMARCH  2015  PROGRAMS

March 5 – Lou Parton – Director at DSS.  Topic- 211 system in Polk and DSS Services.

March 12 – Ron Walters -Executive Director of Pangaea.
Topic – Expansion of Internet services in Polk and Rutherford Counties.

March 19 –  A performance by the Foothills Music Club.

March 26 –Fellow Rotarian  Louis McCray
Topic – Bicycle trip Across the USA.

March Programs coordinated by Dave Cornelius
April Programs coordinated by Dent Davis

Please pass along to Diane Nelson, Secretary, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware.  This includes good happenings too, as well as status of health……

Remember to stay in touch with some of our former Rotarians still in the area.  Let them know they are missed and always welcome back to Rotary.

District Meeting  The District has been overwhelmed by the response so far for registrations for the upcoming District Conference to be held April 24-26 at the Omni in Charlotte.   They may have some extra rooms available, due to the great response, but you need to check it all out as time is closing down for the registration.  Check with Judy Lair  if you are interested in attending, or go to the district website for further information about the programs and speakers.

Rotarian Magazine  –  another  great issue; read about libraries, an article by incoming RI president “Ravi” Ravindran who relates “try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value” – he displays much of that; and read about many more wonderful projects around the world.

The Rotary Foundation by Jim Scott
The Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of Rotary International.  It is the largest non-government Foundation in the world, and is supported by Rotarians, their families and their friends.  The Foundation attempts to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace by making improvements in health, education and the alleviation of poverty.

The first known joint club project was in 1913, only eight years after the founding of Rotary.  The clubs raised $25,000 for flood relief in Ohio and Indiana. In 1917 the Rotary Endowment Fund was established, which was the forerunner of the current Rotary Foundation.

Contributions to the Rotary Foundation may be made in numerous ways, with new opportunities often available.  However the most popular are to give to:

  1. Annual Fund – Used to finance grants for projects all over the world, including projects by clubs and groups of clubs
  2. Permanent Fund – Gifts to this Fund are never spent, but the income from these contributions is used to fund all or some of the expenses of operating Rotary International
  3. Polio Plus Fund – Used to finance the Rotary efforts to eliminate Polio in the world (over $2,000,000,000 spent in 122 countries so far…..)

Rotary does an excellent job of recognition for the gifts made by members and others.  They utilize certificates, pins, plaques and statues to thank members for being Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members ($100/year to Annual Fund),        Benefactors ($1000 or more outright or estate to Endowment Fund), Paul Harris     Fellows ($1000 or more to Annual Fund or Polio Plus), Paul Harris Society members ($1000 or more every year) and Major Donors (cumulative donations of $10,000 or more) as well as many other types of gifts.

Contributions by members are essential to support Rotary International programs throughout the world.  The members of the Tryon Rotary Club are very supportive of these efforts.

President’s Message for March — Judy Lair February 14, 2015
Highlighting a Rotarian:  Dr. Ben Woodward joined the Rotary Club of Tryon in 1986 and he served as Club President in 1992-1993. He was president during peak membership years (over 130 members). These days, most of us know him as a quiet presence at our meetings – sporting a bow tie and engaging smile! He has supported Rotary locally and internationally with his presence, his gifts and his service. If you haven’t taken the time to chat with Ben, ask him about his Ikebana experiences! Ben and his wife Peggy (married since 1953) are Major Donors 2 nd Level ($25,000+) to The Rotary International Foundation. In addition to his generous contributions to the Permanent Fund, Ben was recently awarded his Paul Harris Fellow +3 ($4,000 +) for his contributions to the Annual Fund of Rotary International. Ben is a veteran of the Air Force Medical Corps, and he had a distinguished career as an orthopedic surgeon in Indiana and Kentucky. Since his retirement, Ben has enriched our community with his voluntary service in numerous organizations and continues to support this club.

March is a mixed month, in which we continue to plan for our activity in the remainder of the club year and beyond.  Our fine fundraisers are ahead of us and we now give thought to how to streamline some things and how to do them better.  If you are a member of a committee or group that plans these events, make your needs known to the rest of the club – why should you have all the fun and glory!  Space in this News Letter is always available to advertise your needs and let people know who is responsible for what.  The results this club gets does not happen as if by magic – somebody has to commit and get it done.

Rotary Club of Tryon Make Up Meetings There are ways to make up a meeting of the Rotary Club of Tryon that you miss. Following are some of the ways:

  • Go to Rotary and near the bottom (right side) of the page is a link section; click on E-Club One and it will take you to online makeup. After completing your makeup, print a report and give to Judy Lair so she can give you makeup credit.
  • Attend a meeting at another club (for example, if you are visiting Las Vegas, attend one of the Rotary clubs that meet in that city.)
  • Attend a committee meeting of the RCOT.
  • Attend a Board of Directors’ meeting at RCOT. • Participate in community service such as Rotary road cleanup or RIF (Reading is Fundamental).
  • Attend a funeral for a Rotarian.

In order to get credit for a makeup, sign in on the makeup sheet at the desk when you sign in for our regular meeting or you can “do it yourself” on-line.


Rotary Club of Tryon February 2015 Newsletter

Rotary Club of Tryon February 2015 Newsletter

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February 5 – Susan Wallen from Venturing Scouts.
February 12 – Michael Carruth from the Adventure School.
February 19 – Lavin Cuddihee, Kirt Golwitzer and Beau Menetre will talk about the Tryon Film Initiative.
February 26 – Scott Lane will discuss the Misseldine project in Tryon and beyond.

February Programs coordinated by Diane Nelson
March Programs coordinated by Dave Cornelius

Please pass along to Diane Nelson, Secretary, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware.  This includes good happenings too, as well as status of health……

We understand Ken Shull was named Businessman of the Year by the Chamber  – congratulations on a good year.  Petie Kaericher is recovering from some injuries with a fall, but please remember Petie and Clyde.

I  hope Rotary is in your resolutions – I frequently say each member of Rotary brings two assets to Rotary – time and resources. We actually bring a third, our individual talents.

For 2015, I hope you have resolved to strengthen your contribution to Rotary in one or more of those asset areas. You can give more time by participating in all of our activities at a higher level.  I won’t cover money as we all know the numerous ways we can contribute financially, either now, or later, and we can give to our projects, our foundation, the Rotary International Foundation or to our operating expenses.  Finally, we each have talents that we can commit to utilize at a higher level.  Whatever your talent may be, think about how to apply it to your Rotary opportunity.

It’s not too late to revise those 2015 goals, or resolutions, to include Rotary.

By the way, we still need someone to step up and accept the Presidency or co-presidency for Rotary year 2016-2017!

Thanks – Jim

The District is overwhelmed by the response so far for registrations for the upcoming District Conference to be held April 24-26. They have more than doubled the budgeted registrations for the “early bird” rate of $175, which was valid through Saturday, January 31st!  In addition, the original block of hotel rooms at the Omni (which we calculated based on attendance at the past several years’ conferences) is already gone as well!

We have been able to secure an additional 20 nights at the Omni at our original rate of $125 per night, including parking and wi-fi, and an additional 40 nights at $159 per night plus parking fees, which is still a significantly reduced cost from their advertised rate of $219 per night plus parking!  If you’ve already registered for district conference, or are planning to, we encourage you to reserve your room at the Omni as quickly as possible. And if you miss the first “early bird” conference registration rate, no worries…the rate through the end of March ($200) is still a bargain based on the programming, special events and meals we have planned.  Our club will pay the registration fee for each Rotary member attending.  To reserve a space, please check with Judy Lair.

The Month of February is a month for thinking about the direction Rotary should consider taking in the months ahead and looking over the calendar, since we have no call to arms to support a fund raiser, sell tickets, get sponsors and be somewhere to a scheduled event.  Out in the distance we know we have the Spring Community Chorus, another RIF Book distribution on Good Friday, the Fab 4th Bicycle Tour, Stop Hunger and of course the venerable old Shrimp/Sausagefest in September.   Along those lines your board has been discussing various considerations about length of meetings, the luncheon menu, the number of fund raisers we support, how to involve the community in helping support some of these initiatives.  This is good fodder for the winter months, and you each are invited to think about the many ways Rotary can serve better and share that with your fellow members including our Board members.  It’s your Rotary Club – make it grow and go!

An interesting statistic for our club:

Age breakout by number of members (left)

Shown by age groups – “undef” means unknown

rotarianFeb2015Rotarian magazine – have you read through the Feb. issue?  Part of your dues pay for your subscription.  The articles are well written and the topics cover all of the joys and troubles throughout the world – with articles showing what RI, various Rotary Clubs and individuals are doing for their fellow man – you can be proud to be a Rotarian – it’s a good read.

Rotary Club of Tryon January 2015 Newsletter

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January 8 – Jonathon Kundrat, Charlotte Director of Stop Hunger  Now , will update us on Stop Hunger Now project and its impact.

January 15 – Regina Burgess of the Collins Dental Clinic and District Health Director Jimmy Hines  will tell us about the Collins Dental Clinic Story.

January 22 – Rotarian Ed Harrelson, who is also a Board Member of the Salvation Army and Major Carpenter representing the Salvation Army, will talk about the Salvation Army and its services to Henderson and Polk Counties.

January 29 – Speakers Meshelle Colvin and JoAnn McMillan will present to the Club Assembly at the halfway mark updates by the Membership Committee and the Rotary Club of Tryon Foundation.

January programs coordinated by John Walters
February Programs coordinated by Diane Nelson

Please pass along to Diane Nelson, Secretary, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware.  This includes good happenings too, as well as status of health……  Glenn  LeFeber continues to gain strength and hopes to be back among us on a regular basis.  We continue to remember Jerry Pospisil as he recovers from an illness and we wish Jerry & Mimi well.

We drew our caterers Renee Duval and Ken Fenner into the family at Christmas with a good will gift donated by our members for their good food and service during the year – thanks to you both.  Our prayers went out to Lois  Tirre and family upon the death of former member Jay Tirre on December 29.

May 2015 bring success in our ventures and peace wherever we may go


Looking back over 2014, I’m thankful that Glenn LeFeber successfully completed his  7 week treatment at Duke Medical Center.  Thanks to Jay Geddings, we began a new recognition of worthy Interact students.    Eli Hall is a RYLA graduate, a good student and athlete at Polk County High School and was a very helpful volunteer at our Annual Shrimpfest.  It’s appropriate that this young man was honored as our first Rotary Club of Tryon Interact Student of the Quarter.

It was rewarding to see the culmination of much planning and cooperation in the club when Immediate past-Vice President of RI Anne Matthews spoke to our club on December 18.  Writing and starring in a skit, Petra Harrelson led other Rotarians in introducing our club to Anne Matthews and 15 other visitors that day.  A highlight for the day was Cade Underwood, former PCHS student and now a college student and benefactor of our club’s generosity,  spending time with Anne talking about opportunities including Peace Scholarships offered by Rotary International.

I would be remiss to forget to thank Stacey Lindsay for contacting Anne Matthews in February 2014 and  following  through on preparation for her visit.

Looking forward to 2015,   I’m hopeful that many of you will be attending the District Conference April 24-26 at the Omni Hotel in Charlotte.  I also hope you will consider giving to Rotary International as you plan your charitable contributions for 2015.  There are so many things we can do as a 1.2 million member worldwide organization.

Thank you for your service – to our community and to the world. It is an honor to serve as your president.

Judy Lair

Our District Conference is scheduled for the Omni Hotel in Charlotte April 24-26.  We hope many of you will be able to attend.  Our Club will pay the registration for each Rotarian.  The hotel special nightly rates are $125 for a deluxe king (while the block of rooms is available).                                                            This is an opportunity to meet many Rotarians from our District — 50 other clubs.  We will get updates on international projects and will learn about what some of our sister clubs are doing.  If we register by January 31, we will get a discount so please look at the information below and call me if you have any questions. Registration is now available! Early-Bird Special Rates: $175 Now thru Jan 31, plus more. Or register online via the DaCdb at (click on calendar)!

NOTE: January marks the halfway point of the Rotary year.  We have a few months rest from Fundraisers and other obligations.  This is a good time for committees to plan for the year and straighten up the chairs.  Remember, your ongoing part as a sustaining member can be met by the contribution to Every Member/Every Year, which counts towards a Paul Harris award and aids Rotary in supporting various projects.  See Jim

Scott for guidance on RI business.

Slate of Officers & Directors – 2015-2016, effective July 1, 2015, as approved on December 18 by the Rotary Club of Tryon members:

President, Jim Wright – Secretary, Diane Nelson/Rachel Ramsey – Rotary Int’l, Jim Scott – New Generations, Jay Geddings – Marketing/Fundraising, Stacey Lindsay

Congratulations to these Rotarians stepping up to leadership


Rotary Club of Tryon December 2014 Newsletter

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December 4 – Dan McFerrin, retired Marine Warrant Officer who has worked all around the globe, most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan in clearance operations and construction.  Dan will describe many activities and relate to the complexities faced.  He will include focus on what the US did right and to some degree what we did wrong.

December 11 – Christmas Luncheon at Holy Cross Episcopal Church, our former meeting place.  Make reservations (see panel above). Guests and Rotarians using Rule of 85 will pay $25.

December 18 – Anne Matthews, Immediate Past vice-President of Rotary International, will share much news of what is happening in Rotary today.  The club is inviting 20 potential Rotarians to this very special meeting.  We are fortunate to have such a good speaker, so please support the club and make your plans to attend.

December 25 – Christmas Day; give thanks and share your good fortunes with others.

December programs coordinated by Don Lyons
January programs coordinated by John Walters

Please pass along to Diane Nelson, Secretary, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware.  This includes good happenings too, as well as status of health……  Glenn  LeFeber is back in town after a bout with radiation and chemo at Duke, and he will gather his strength and get back to the club too.

Marion McMillan has had a bout with kidney stones but is rounding into shape.  We are all thankful that Art Brown and Ray McLeese are still with us!  Art took a bad fall a few weeks ago and Ray was in his runaway truck trying to deliver Gourmet Nuts the day before Thanksgiving and ended up in the river.  They were both focused on serving and managed to appear at the Community Chorus Board Meeting, Monday night Dec. 1.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2014 – 3:00 pm, Polk County High School Auditorium

This is the event the Chorus has been working on for the past few months.  Now it is time for the Rotarians to come through by selling our tickets and turning in our proceeds to Stacey Lindsay.  Remember, all ticket money goes to our Rotary Club Foundation to be applied to scholarships for high school students.  It would be outstanding if each Rotarian would  sell/buy all their tickets and see to it that the auditorium is full for this magical performance of music we all love to hear!

The Chorus is directed again by Candy Wilson, and longtime accompanist Pam McNeil will be at the piano – the chorus is 100 voices strong and this venue is the best buy in town (or the County) for such great music and performances at Christmas time.

PRESIDENT’S LETTER for December 2014:
As I write this report for the Rotary Club of Tryon Newsletter for December 2014, November is coming to a close. Our club has had two opportunities this month to participate in events in Asheville – including The Annual District Foundation Banquet and the Rotary Zones 33-34 Institute celebration of 100 years of Rotary in Asheville.

On Saturday, November 8, nine of our club members plus five guests attended the District Foundation Banquet. Thirty-seven of the fifty-one clubs in our District were represented. Anne Matthews, Immediate Past Vice President of Rotary International, was the keynote speaker – sharing some of her experiences traveling the world doing the work of Rotary. Some of our group reflected on the meeting: Fred Hartley stated he was impressed with (1) the variety, scope and significance of the Foundation good works and (2) the commitment and resourcefulness of Rotarians needed to raise the MONEY to support these efforts.  Jim Wright commented that it was impressive to see the number of clubs who worked very hard at things like 100% Paul Harris participation and (EREY) Every Member Every Year. Stacey Lindsay said she obtained a greater knowledge of the good Rotary is able to do in the world via Foundation funding and she found it interesting to learn about the projects undertaken by other clubs.  Our club received recognition with eight other clubs for our contribution to Polio Plus in 2013-2014.

On Wednesday, November 19, Carol Browning, Bob Lair and I attended the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Rotary in Asheville. We were among the 400 plus Rotarians in attendance from Zones 33 – 34 which includes districts from Delaware to the southern Caribbean. In addition to an interesting and informative skit by the Rotary Club of Asheville commemorating their 100 year history, we were privileged to hear our RIPE (Rotary International President Elect) Ravi Ravindran from Sri Lanka.  He gave an “uplifting and positive address” stated Carol Browning, when asked to reflect on the event. Ravindran emphasized that the public only cares about the good we do—not about our attendance, our contributions or the size of our clubs. He stated “the magic of Rotary is made in the clubs.”

The Rotary Club of Tryon certainly demonstrates that “magic.” Individually and collectively, you make a difference. You see many opportunities to serve and you take full advantage.

In this time of thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you and your service.


Rotary Club of Tryon November 2014 Newsletter

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November 6  –  Patricia Schaffer, a former Rotary Peace Scholar and Tryon resident, will relate “Mothering Across Continent” to us.

November 13 –  A club Open Forum will be moderated by President – Elect Jim Wright providing an opportunity for the club to give feedback, since the club voted to resume 2nd week programs each month.  The Board has approved the resumption of programs.

November 20  –  Tim Boyce, Tryon, a managing partner of Dechert LLP, an International Law Firm in Charlotte.  Tim has succeeded in “discovering” and having a long “out of Print” book, a diary of a WWII  concentration camp, written by a famous Norwegian political prisoner, to be republished next year.

November 27 –   Thanksgiving Day – take a pause with family & friends to be truly thankful for our many blessings!

November Programs coordinated by Jim Wright

December programs coordinated by Don Lyons

Please pass along to Diane Nelson, Secretary, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware.  This includes good happenings too, as well as status of health……  Glenn  LeFeber is still at Duke for treatment – his address for the next few months will be Staybridge Suites, 3704 Mt. Moriah  Rd., Durham, NC27707.

We have enjoyed seeing Joe Boals among us again – stay strong Joe! John Gargiulo had some big time back surgery, but has been back among us for several weeks – we’ll try to make him take it easy for awhile, which isn’t easy.   We were saddened to hear of the passing of former Rotary Club of Tryon president and long time Tryon resident Jack Leon.  There will be a memorial service at a later date, to be announced. Congratulations to Bill Miller, named Rotarian of the Month!  And, Rachel Ramsey is retiring as Director of Steps-to-Hope – again; she deserves all the honors she gets!

“Even when our lives are busy, we make Rotary a priority — because we want to see our friends, and we want to serve.”  “Our Rotary friendships give light to our lives, and it is Rotary friendship — as well as service — that lets us Light Up Rotary.” – quote from RI President.

Gary H. K. Huang


The Rotary Club of Tryon will be participating in the Veteran’s Day Parade – Tuesday, November 11.

We hope you will plan to join us.  We’ll line up at 9:30a.m. in the staging area behind the Food Lion in Columbus.  The parade begins at 10a.m.  Last year, we had a wonderful turnout and we hope even more of you can join us this year as well!

Beth Child & I will be carrying the banner this year for our club.  Let’s support and celebrate our veterans on their day!  Bring the family.

Come help out selling the “Gourmet Nuts”, another of our famous and fun fundraisers.  Purchase some of these nuts at IGA on Wednesdays, or after the meetings at our meeting place.  They make great gifts for the coming season. Andrew Morris is looking for a few more salespersons for the IGA, so sign up with Andrew if you are willing.  The club earned over $4600 last year for our foundation – and that ain’t peanuts!

December 14, 2014   –   3:00pm

Polk County High School Auditorium

Again, under the Direction of Candy Wilson, Accompanied by Pam McNeil.

Our chorus is asking for our help in underwriting their performance, covering music, special musicians and all the other “stuff” required to support a group of 100 singers.  Each of you should have received this request earlier; these contributions are the only source the chorus has to cover all expenses.

Remember, you will be responsible for your tickets, which you should receive from Stacey Lindsay on November 6, meaning that each Rotarian needs to sell or buy those tickets as a minimum – we need to fill the auditorium with people – every dollar (100%) of ticket money goes to our Foundation for Scholarships. And the chorus sings even better with a full house and an appreciative audience – we owe them that.


November 8 – District Foundation Dinner at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville.  If you haven’t confirmed a reservation yet, get in touch with Judy Lair right away.

November 11 – Veterans Day Parade, Columbus, 8:30am.

November 27 – NO MEETING      Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

December 14 – Community Chorus, 3 pm.

 Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead


Rotary Club of Tryon October 2014 Newsletter

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October is Vocational Service Month – Learn about Vocational Learning Teams at

October 2 – Learn about the Saluda A+ Program.October 9 – No Program is scheduled, a chance for some fellowship with your Rotarian friends or to attend the Board of Director’s meeting, if you wish (Month 3 of this trial plan, which will be reviewed at the end of the month).

October 16 – Rotarian Carolyn Jones presents a special program about the Reading Is Fundamental Program (RIF) at Polk Central School, with a special recognitions. See note on RIF distribution on October 17 below.

October 23 – Jim Simmons, District Polio Plus Chair, presents an update on the Polio Plus project.

October 30 – Club Assembly and Celebration – featuring music by Beth Child.

October Programs coordinated by Bill Miller
November Programs coordinated by Jim Wright

Please pass along to Diane Nelson, Secretary, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware. This includes good happenings too, as well as status of health…… Glenn LeFeber is at Duke for treatment – his address for the next few months will be Staybridge Suites, 3704 Mt. Moriah Rd., Durham, NC27707.

Joe Boals spent a little time at Spartanburg Regional for a heart condition, but is now at home. Our own club Literary Agent, Les Stobbe, was featured in the weekend Tryon Daily – read about it. We also received word that former Rotarian Reuben Greenberg (2011) passed away recently.

Congratulations on another successful Shrimp/Sausage Fest, Rotarians! In addition to having a lot of fun, we raised substantial money for our local Foundation to fund many community programs. The final accounting is not complete, but we anticipate we netted more than $13,000.

Our Rotary Club is outstanding in its support of charitable causes not only locally but throughout the world.

In reviewing the record of our club’s contributions through the Rotary International Foundation, I note the total contributed by the club is $348,205. over the years. This includes 51 Paul Harris Fellows (many of whom are multiple PHFs). Additionally, 15 of our membership are Benefactors (made provision in their wills for $1,000 or more to go to the RI Foundation’s Permanent Fund at their death). Our club also has 7 Major Donors.

I am proud and honored to serve as President of such a generous club.

Judy Lair

Gary Bray visited the club on September 25, at which he recognized two of our Rotary couples, Judy & Bob Lair and Caroline & Art Brown for attaining a Major Donor Status for each. (10K)

He spoke of some of the concerns for Rotary, such as gaining and retaining members in current times – Rotary’s membership has been at 1.2 million worldwide for awhile, so it is imperative that we find ways to keep our members interested and involved.

DG Bray also mentioned that Rotary is trying to support sustainable projects, those that last after we leave and turn it over to locals. Also, he mentioned that he has not designated a District Project, asking clubs to support something in which they may not be interested- instead, the local clubs are in a better position to find projects that members can get into and support, for the good of the community.

At the start of this century, when the idea of worldwide Centennial Rotary projects had not yet been announced, there was already a Rotary Clock project in Tryon.

The Rotary Club of Tryon was preparing for their 75th anniversary celebration in 2002, an important occasion for the 4th oldest Rotary Club in Western North Carolina and a club with a long record of community and international service. Among the first donations to the Tryon Downtown Development Assoc. was a $20,000 gift from the Rotary Club of Tryon to purchase a town clock. By the time of the clubs 75th anniversary party on September 2, 2002, the TDDA had raised money to begin Phase I of the downtown revitalization. This included new streetlights, burial of utility lines, new benches and trash cans – but there was not enough money for mounting a new town clock.

Soon thereafter, the Centennial Promotional Kit was distributed to Rotary clubs throughout the world and most began to plan for their Centennial project. The Thermal Belt Rotary Club expected to build a Rotary Garden on the grounds of the historic Tryon Train Depot, which had just been given to the Town by the Norfolk and Southern RR. Rotary Club of Tryon (RCOT) was pursuing a structure to house the clock. A merger of Rotary Club Centennial activities by Rotary Club of Tryon and Thermal Belt Rotary resulted, the first ever joint project between the two clubs. A joint committee was formed with two reps from each club and later expanded when construction approached.

The project was designed by local architect Dean Trakas. It is located in the center of downtown Tryon on Trade Street. The site included a steep embankment and stairs that lead to the railroad tracks and the train depot. After an official groundbreaking, the digging began. The Thermal Belt Club provided the labor and Tryon Rotary contributed the clock!

The stone masonry work that followed was extensive, but upon completion, the clock and cupola arrived and a big crane snatched it up and set it on top of the tower before a large crowd. The clock was made and installed by Campbellsville Industries in Kentucky. The clock tower was actually completed on February 23, 2005 and the two Rotary Clubs had a historic first ever joint meeting and celebration on that day.

The Dedication was one week later, at high noon on March 2, 2005. It was a great program with nine speakers, including District Governor Jim Efland, Mayor Alan Peoples and the Presidents of both Rotary Clubs.

The actual cost of this project was about $46,500. This was funded by a $5,000 grant from the Polk County Community Foundation, a $1,000 gift from the Tryon Garden Club and the balance by cash donations from the two Rotary Club and their individual members. We received cost reductions from all of our major contractors as well as labor and equipment from the Town of Tryon. As a result, our cost was well below the replacement cost in case anyone is considering building a town clock. The “Rotary Plaza” was turned over to the town of Tryon, and is a center of downtown activity.

Rotary Clock Tower was widely acclaimed as the best Rotary Centennial Project in District 7670.

(Source: excerpt from a talk by Jim Scott at the 2005 District Conference in Gatlinburg, TN) For the full text, send request to Jim Scott, or to Don Wilson.

October 6 – first rehearsal for Community Chorus, Tryon Presbyterian; Register at 6:30p (These guys are already at work for the Christmas Concert)

October 17 – RIF Book Distribution – see Carolyn Jones to help out in two shifts of 8am-10am/10am-12 noon.

November 11 – Veterans Day Activity in Columbus

November – Career Fair at Polk County High is being postponed to spring.

December 14 – Community Chorus Christmas Concert, 3pm, PCHS.

Rotary Club of Tryon September 2014 Newsletter

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LightUpRotarySeptember is New Generations Month. When we invest in young people, we invest in Rotary’s future.


September 4 – Speaker: Keven McCammon, site manager for Facebook complex in Rutherford County.
September 11 – No Program, a chance for some fellowship with your Rotarian friends or attend the Board of Director’s meeting, if you wish.
September 18 – Speaker: Mary Ann Merrill. Update on the Service Animal Project (SAP)
September 25 – Speaker: District Governor Gary Bray. This is his official visit with our club, so dress it up a little and welcome him to our meeting. Be there, let’s have a big crowd to welcome our DG.

September Programs coordinated by George May
October Programs coordinated by Bill Miller

Please pass along to Diane Nelson/Rachel Ramsey, co-Secretary’s, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware. This includes good happenings too, as well as status of health. Please remember the family of Bob Weiner and his good friend Rosemary Pleune
In Memory of Robert (Yankee Bob) Weiner
Nov. 9, 1923 – Aug 10, 2014

We are entering our 2nd Month of a 3 month trial in not scheduling a program on the 2nd Thursday of each month. This is to shorten the schedule to allow Board Members to get back to their work schedules sooner. The trial will be reviewed at the end of October .
See Michael Baughman or Charles McKeller if you are interested in playing in the ICC Future Scholars Tournament, October 20, at Bright’s Creek Golf Club

PRESIDENT’S CORNER – from Judy Lair, Message for September:
The Rotary Club of Tryon has a great history. Since July 1927, our club has made its mark in many areas.
Ask your friends and neighbors about the Rotary Club of Tryon and you’ll hear about some of our service projects and fund raisers.

Yes, we have fundraisers which are fun in themselves. But, most of our fundraisers benefit children and youth in our area – with literacy programs (RIF – Reading Is Fundamental); with medical assistance (Gift of Life) and with thousands of dollars each year given in scholarships – including academic scholarships and leadership training through RYLA—Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.
The Rotary Club of Tryon makes the welfare of children and youth its top priority.
Thank you, Rotarians!


YOU NEED TO GET A TICKET LIKE THIS! And sell some to friends & family

15th Annual Shrimp/Sausage fest
All you can eat – Jumbo Shrimp, Bratwurst, Fix’ns, Drinks, Desserts

Cash & Other Quality Prizes
Sat. September 20, 2014 (Serving 6:30 p.m.) at Hannon Field, Tryon Ticket Price: $100 (two admissions)
Payable to The Rotary Club of Tryon Foundation Proceeds benefit local projects, including Reading Is Fundamental

The co-Chair Head Shrimps Ken Shull & Roberta Ratterree are pulling out all the stops – and they are asking, or cajoling, all members to help in some way. In 2013, nearly $17,000 was cleared. Many volunteers are ready to serve food & beverages, cook, park cars, distribute door prizes, carry stuff, set-up and clean-up – and many other opportunities await for those who ask. If you don’t have an assignment, ask your leaders – don’t be left out.
There are opportunities to sponsor expense items in support of the event (a list is available at club meetings), get door prizes from merchants, provide auction items, help with business sponsors. The Ticket shown above tells you all you need to know about what, when and where, so the $100 ticket is a big bargain! Plus, there will b a good foot stomping band to lighten the evening.
This is one of the big Fundraisers for the Club, benefitting the Rotary Club of Tryon Foundation, ultimately to be passed on to many worthy causes both locally and internationally.

Carol Browning is coordinating the Door Prizes, and she needs to get them in no later than September 11, sooner if possible. Get some business cards for those who contribute. The goal is to be sure every ticket holder leaves with some prize. Auction items may be picked from some of these prizes.

Some of our distributions from the Foundation go to Reading is Fundamental, Youth Exchange, Stop Hunger Now, Shelter Box ,New Century Scholars, St. Luke’s Foundation, Steps to Hope, Thermal Belt Outreach, Tuba Christmas, Wheelchair Foundation, special Frank Ortiz Award – your club foundation distributed over $63,000 to our Service Projects –good work!

Rotary Club of Tryon 2014-15

Board of Directors


President: Judy Lair

President Elect: Jim Wright

Secretary: Diane Nelson/Rachel Ramsey

Treasurer: Dave Cornelius

Immediate Past President: Glenn LeFeber



Jay Geddings ’12 – ‘15

Stacey Lindsay ’12 – ‘15

John Walters ’13 -‘16

David Murphy ’13 – ‘16

Fred Hartley ’14 -‘17

Betty Ramsey ’14 – ‘17

Meshelle Colvin ’14 – ‘17

Rotary Club of Tryon August 2014 Newsletter

Rotary Club of Tryon August 2014 Newsletter

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August is Rotary Membership Month – good time to start!


AUG 7 – Bill Miller, Superintendent, Polk County Schools and a good Rotarian, will present a program on the state of Polk County schools – always entertaining.

AUG 14 – No Program planned – we will begin our trial period of shortening this meeting time to enable our working members (meaning they have a job to get to) to attend the monthly board meetings. See Article below for the details.

AUG 21 – Our 2014 Rotary Youth Leadership Camp participants will describe their experience at the RYLA camp this summer. We sponsor these youth and you will be proud we do it when you hear them talk.

AUG 28 – Our very own Meshelle Colvin, Membership Chair, will speak to us about “Ain’t It Grand to be a Rotarian?” outlining her program for building and supporting membership during the year.

August Programs coordinated by Carol Jackson
September Programs coordinated by George May

Please pass along to Diane Nelson/Rachel Ramsey, co-Secretary’s, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware. This includes good happenings too as well as status of health. And we acknowledge the loss of good member Nancy McKinstrey, who is moving to Atlanta and will be greatly missed – who will close the circle behind her? Carol Browning received a “Light Up Rotary” pin for her     strong efforts for the RCOTF Accounting systems and reports.

During several meetings, I have shared with you some RI Foundation statistics that clearly illustrate the superior participation our club has with RI Foundation projects. Every club has a personality and they elect to support certain projects and programs that are a good fit for them.

In our case, RCOT makes contributions over a diverse range of programs to international, district and local programs. The RI Foundation directly benefits from the fundraisers and service projects. Can each of you name the specific RI Foundation programs that our efforts support?

Sadly, polio is beginning to spread again between Pakistan and several African nations that have a history of trying to thwart Rotary’s efforts at eradication. RI is committed to developing a strategy to deal with this issue by the end of 2014. The Gates Foundation remains committed to this global effort and has again issued a matching funds challenge of two dollars for each Rotary dollar raised up to $250 million dollars.

ShrimpFest is nearly upon us. Thank you RCOT members for being so generous in many ways. Let’s get every ticket sold, so that we can keep doing our good work. Profits from this event go directly to the RCOT Foundation’s unrestricted account to support many local organizations program needs.

Thank you Jim and Jeanne Scott for becoming a Major Donor to the RI Foundation.

The Rotary Club of Tryon depends on a thriving and dynamic membership!   Your membership committee (Edith Bond, Meshelle Colvin, Carol Jackson, Don Lyons, and Ron Wingo) is hard at work developing plans that will invigorate our club and bring others to join us in the fun of serving others. Keeping all our good people is a high priority for the committee. As for new members, the committee is developing plans to educate and engage our current members in recruitment of new members.

This is going to be an exciting year – more news to come!

ICC Golf Tournament –   Rotary has two golf foursome slots to play in the ICC Future Scholars Tournament on Monday, Oct 20, at Brights Creek Golf Club. If you are interested in playing see Michael Baughman or Charles McKeller for cost and details.

For the months of August/September/October, there will be no program scheduled on the 2nd Thursday of those months. This will shorten the official meeting by 30 minutes to allow those members serving on the board time to get back to their work locations. Members not serving on the board have a choice of staying in the Fellowship Hall for visiting, leaving early, arranging for a short video to be shown or attending the board meeting.

The trial will be reviewed to determine if this helped with the timing of the meeting at the end of October.


Stop Hunger Now – July 26, 2014

STOP HUNGER NOW – July 26, 2014

More than 100 volunteers from the foothills area packed 20,088 meals this past Saturday morning at Polk County High School. They were participating in the Stop Hunger Now project.

The Stop Hunger Now project of Rotary Club of Tryon is in its 4th year. In 2010, Rotarians from Rotary District 7670 (51 clubs in Western North Carolina) joined together to pack one million meals in Hendersonville, NC. These meals were sent to Rotary Clubs in Haiti to provide a hot meal for hungry children in schools. In 2010 Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. Haiti is still recovering from that disaster four years later. For the last three years, under the leadership of Rotarians Charles McKeller and Nancy McKinstry, the Rotary Club of Tryon has sponsored a local food packing project to benefit the children in Haiti.

Folks from many different organizations including Hospice, Thermal Belt Outreach, Wood Creek Dental and fellow Kiwanians came to lend a hand. There were also volunteers from many of our local churches working the event. Some folks brought their children (5 year olds) and grandchildren (teens and 20’s) to be a part of the effort.

Several of the men toted 50 pound bags of dried soy and rice to replenish the packaging stations. Chandler Patrick from the Polk County High School football team toted many of the 50 pound bags and he helped pack the Stop Hunger Now truck after the event.

One of our oldest Rotarians, Clyde Kaericher—a nonagenarian, not only helped with the food packaging, but he was observed pushing a large broom during cleanup. He brought a smile on his face and his younger brother, as well as their wives, to join the humanitarian effort. What fantastic service our community provided by their willingness to make a difference by providing service above self to children they’ll never see!

Rotary Club of Tryon 2014-15

Board of Directors


President: Judy Lair

President Elect: Jim Wright

Secretary: Diane Nelson/Rachel Ramsey

Treasurer: Dave Cornelius

Immediate Past President: Glenn LeFeber



Jay Geddings ’12 – ‘15

Stacey Lindsay ’12 – ‘15

John Walters ’13 -‘16

David Murphy ’13 – ‘16

Fred Hartley ’14 -‘17

Betty Ramsey ’14 – ‘17

Meshelle Colvin ’14 – ‘17

Rotary Club of Tryon July 2014 Newsletter

Rotary Club of Tryon July 2014 Newsletter

3. July, 2014NewsletterComments Off on Rotary Club of Tryon July 2014 Newsletter

LightUpRotaryJULY 2014 PROGRAMS

July 3 – Joe Epley, Author of “A Passel of Hate”, will present “Discussion of the Declaration of Independence and Mecklenburg County”, the first government entity to formally declare independence from Great Britain. Sponsored by John Gargiulo.

July 10 – Libbie Johnson, Director, Polk County Economic Development Committee, “Economic Impact of the Equine Industry on Polk County.” Libbie is one of Polk County’s leading equestrian enthusiasts. Sponsored by Carl Schumacher.

July 17 – Tom Strader, President of Mg12, a company recently located in Tryon. Tom’s topic will be “The Power of Magnesium”. Sponsored by Frank Ortiz.

July 24 – Frank Rudisol, Dean of the Johnson School of Business, USC- Upstate, in Spartanburg. Topic: Challenges in the Business World. Sponsored by Marion McMillan.

July 31 – Our own Michael Baughman, Investment Advisor, will speak on “Extended Care Insurance – the need and costs of extended care.” Sponsored by Art Brown.

July Programs coordinated by Frank Ortiz
August Programs coordinated by Carol Jackson

Please pass along to Diane Nelson/Rachel Ramsey, co-Secretary’s, any information about our members or families of which we should be aware. Gunnard Rubini has returned and it is great to see him back.   Please continue to keep Stan & Jean Howell in your thoughts and prayers also.

In Lasting Memory of a great Rotarian & Friend
William F. (Bill) Jones 1939-2014

Congratulations on the great Luau/Induction ceremony on Friday, June 27 – thanks to all who had anything to do with it and special thanks to John & Ann Gargiulo for sharing their house on the hill with us. If you missed it, you missed it.

PRESIDENT’S CORNER – President’s Message for July 2014 Newsletter
Thanks: Special thanks to Immediate Past President Glenn LeFeber for his service to the Rotary Club of Tryon 2014-2015.

Calendar: Our club has a busy summer lined up.
July 4 – Fab 4th Bike Tour – benefits RCOT Children’s Fund including Gift of Life Program
July 26 – Stop Hunger Now – benefits hungry children in Haiti
September 21 (early fall) – Shrimpfest – benefits Reading Is Fundamental and other RCOT charities

Club surveys: most of you participated in our recent survey. With the important feedback we have received, we will be working on a strategic plan for our club as we look ahead 3 years. Concerns about too many fundraisers, quality of programs and cost of membership will be addressed.

Friends and neighbors: As you plan your summer, please ask your friends and neighbors to join you/us in our Rotary projects. They don’t have to be a member of our club to work a water stop at Fab 4th Bike Tour or help tote sacks of rice and/or drop a seasoning packet into a 6 meal bag at our Stop Hunger Now event.

Rotary Impact Worldwide: Annually Rotary involves 3.4 million people in our projects worldwide. Together Everyone Accomplishes More = TEAM. Together, we will “light up Rotary.”

-Judy Lair, President 2014-2015

Nancy McKinstrey, Project Chair, is looking for volunteers to help with the “Stop Hunger Now” event being held Saturday, August 23, at Polk County High School, working in two shifts from 8am-10am and 10am-Noon..                 .

This is a Rotary sponsored event, but it is for the entire community to participate in, so talk it up with friends and neighbors, at church, over golf, at lunch, etc. and help get the community behind this. See Nancy for any details, but plan to join in the fun of participating and packing the food for a very good cause – help stop Hunger! Cash donations to the Rotary Club of Tryon Foundation to pay for food packs are also welcome and encouraged. Each pack costs 25 cents, so think generously. And you will have a good time doing it.

Fabulous 4th Bicycle Tour is next on our list of activities. The date, July 4, should be easy to remember. It is a proven fundraiser for our club. There are a number of good volunteer jobs available, and we still need to fill some of them. Right now, we should build some enthusiasm for this event in the local area, as it has a huge upside if we can attract more riders (who love to ride 75-80 miles through the hills) from a large population of riders. It starts at 7am and is mostly over before Noon.

Stacey Lindsay has lined up a great set of Sponsors, which helps assure a success. See, or contact, Fred Hartley,, to see how you can help. It is a fun thing and you can still have time to make your plans for the afternoon – sign up and join in!!

The Rotary Club of Tryon presented a number of important scholarships to graduating seniors in a special ceremony at Polk County High School this month.

– $39,000 given this year.

– Four are 4 year scholarships. Amount is $2,000/year.

– Two are 2 year scholarships. Amount is $1,500/year. Note that only one of these scholarships was given this year.

– One is a $1,000 cash gift designated as The Frank Ortiz “Service Above Self Award.”

Back Row (l to r): Cody Cook, Brianna Dill, Connor O'Hearn Front Row (l to r): Jamie Greene, Lilah "Alli" Halbkat, and Rotarian Keen McFarland

Back Row (l to r): Cody Cook, Brianna Dill, Connor O’Hearn
Front Row (l to r): Jamie Greene, Lilah “Alli” Halbkat, and Rotarian Keen McFarland

Pictured above are the 2014 Rotary Club of Tryon Scholarship winners. Cody Cook, Jamie Green, Lilah Halbkat and Kira Jordan (not pictured) were all recipients of four-year scholarships. Connor O’Hearn will receive a two-year technical scholarship and Brianna Dill is the recipient of the Frank Ortiz Service Above Self Award.



President: Judy Lair

President Elect: Jim Wright

Secretary: Diane Nelson/Rachel Ramsey

Treasurer: Dave Cornelius

Immediate Past President: Glenn LeFeber

Get to know your officers, directors and Committee Chairs


Jay Geddings ’12 – ‘15

Stacey Lindsay ’12 – ‘15

John Walters ’13 -‘16

David Murphy ’13 – ‘16

Fred Hartley ’14 -‘17

Betty Ramsey ’14 – ‘17

Meshelle Colvin ’14 – ‘17

Ask How you can help!