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Our Rotarians

Rotarians are men and women who meet together for the purpose of fellowship and service. This is usually carried out over a meal each week and is non political and non sectarian. Rotarians are are involved in business and professions and membership is broadly limited to one representative each having executive responsibility in their business or profession.

Rotarians usually meet each week, occasionally with their partners, and have a meal which is usually followed by a speaker. The speakers’ topics can be anything of general interest such as local history, education, dentistry, farming or topics concerned with Rotary projects such as providing safe water and sanitation and the treatment of eye and general health problems in developing countries.

Usually once a month Rotarians have a meeting where they group into various committees to arrange current service projects.

Each Rotarian is expected to follow the Aims and Objects of Rotary in his everyday life;

  • Provide service through fellowship
  • Uphold high business ethics
  • Promote world understanding
  • Promote goodwill and peace