Blue Ridge Health – Services in Polk County

Members of the Blue Ridge Health staff serving Polk County provided a very informative presentation at this week’s Rotary Club of Tryon meeting.  Rebecca Mathis, Director of Community Engagement & Outreach, explained that Blue Ridge Health (BRH) has two facilities in Polk County serving the medical and dental needs for anyone in the area.  In their clinics, BRH will see all patients: with or without insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare.  She stressed that their mission is:  To provide quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable for all.

Linda Davidson, Medical Director for Behavioral Health, told the Club about the work BRH is currently doing to support Polk County students and about the new facility BRH will be opening at Polk County Middle School in January.  Many students are trying to cope with Adverse Childhood Experiences like Physical or Sexual Abuse, Neglect, Drug Addiction, or other Household Dysfunctions.  These experiences can have a dramatic effect on how well students perform in school.  By providing counselling sessions with Licensed Clinical Social Workers and a Health Center in the middle school,  BRH will be partnering with Polk County Schools to help the area’s students perform better in school.

Supporting students in our area is important to the Rotary Club of Tryon.  The Club currently works with Polk Central Elementary School in the Reading is Fundamental Program and with our high school students on College Scholarships. The Club was excited to hear about the new services Blue Ridge Health is bringing to the area. 

The Rotary Club of Tryon meets at 12:00 on Thursday in the Tryon Presbyterian Church.  If you are interested in joining the Club, please contact the Club’s President, Fred Hartley at 423-341-4965 or

Blue Ridge Health Staff
Back Row:  Blue Ridge Health’s Rebecca Mathis, Linda Davis & Kathryn McConnell.
Front Row:  Rotary Club of Tryon President-Elect Stacey Lindsay