Club Administration

Thanks to all our committee members who serve!


Assign Team Leaders, Assistant TL?s and Team Members for each month. Assign every club member to at least one monthly Team.

  • Choose Programs and Speakers for all assigned meetings at least 60 DAYS IN ADVANCE.
  • Obtain the photos, resumes, and program descriptions needed for advance
  • Publicity and for Club Bulletins Committees.
  • Notify Sgt at Arms if any special equipment or table arrangements are required for a program.



Assign for each month one member as the Desk attendant, and when suitable, one as a ?Friendly Greeter?. Both positions are appropriate for new club members.

Desk attendant duties:

  • Have each member sign attendance sheet upon arrival.
  • Provide Visitor badges for all nonmembers.
  • Collect appropriate charges for Guests and Senior Actives.
  • Provide a list of all visitors and member sponsors for the Hospitality Report.



  • Assign a member to report at the beginning of each meeting, preferably among the newer members.
  • Choose a member to give the invocation AT THE NEXT MEETING. Inform the President.
  • Introduce the Visiting Rotarians. Call upon the appropriate member to introduce his (her) guest.
  • Announce approaching anniversaries and birthdays for members and spouses.
  • It is OPTIONAL to tell a funny story, relate a current happening, or provide a ?thought for the day?. Should avoid offensive comments relating to ?sex?, politics, and religion.



  • Set out flags, banners, lectern, sound system, and outside Rotary signs on the street.
  • Set out boxes of member badges before members arrive. Return all badges to boxes as members leave.
  • Set up (or assist in setting up) any special equipment required for an individual program.



  • Take photos and obtain biographical resumes from each new member.
  • Print new member pages each month to add to the membership Directory.
  • Distribute membership directory to all members.