Daniel Herres- Rotary Global Grant Scholar

The Rotary Club of Tryon, in partnership with Rotary District 7670 and the Rotary International World Fund, has awarded Tryon resident Daniel Herres with a Global Grant Scholarship. Daniel will use the scholarship to attend the College of London where he will be earning a Masters of Science in Humanitarianism, Aid & Conflict.

In September, Daniel visited with Rotary Club of Tryon members, via Zoom, from Turkey. It was a little difficult to get the call worked out because Daniel hasn’t been in one place too long lately. Earlier this year, Daniel had been serving in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Malawi. When concerns over Covid-19 forced the Peace Corps to evacuate all members from Africa, Daniel joined an organization providing humanitarian aid in Greece.

Tryon Rotary Club Global Grant Scholar Daniel Herres

During his time in Greece, Daniel worked with the Starfish Foundation to provide hand washing stations and education services in the Moria refugee camp. The goal of the project was to provide hygiene services that would slow the spread of Covid-19 through the overcrowded camp.

The Rotary Club of Tryon was able to catch up with Daniel as he traveled through Turkey on his way to start his studies in London. In a recent email from Daniel, the club learned that things haven’t slowed down much for him since he arrived in London.

“There have indeed been some changes to my educational plans in London. Covid has moved all teaching online for Term 1, and possibly for term 2. Similarly, thanks to covid, there’s little to no chance of a field research opportunity next year (although I’m still pushing for that).

My courses have also been slightly altered: I’m taking Humanitarianism Challenges & Critiques; Political Economy of Violence, Conflict and Development; Global Approaches to Peace; Development Practice; Global Health and Development; and Aid and Development. I’ll also be auditing (not for credit) Intro to Global Forced Migration; Diplomatic Practice; and Research Methods for Development Studies.

I’m currently applying for internships in London and am optimistic about finding something relevant to my field.

Daniel concluded the email by saying,

Making a career change in your late 30s is not easy, especially into a field as competitive as humanitarian aid for conflict situations. With my pre-existing student loans, this program at the College of London would have been impossible for me without the support of Rotary and the Global Grant. The school’s network and strength in its field, coupled with the Rotary International network, is giving me an opportunity that would have only been a dream otherwise. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!

The Rotary Club of Tryon found a very deserving candidate in Daniel Herres and we are looking forward to keeping up with the work he does in London and around the world. In the very short time we have know Daniel, he has exemplified the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self”.