Dr. Allen Monroe – World Traveler

Club President Fred Hartley, Dr. Allen Monroe , Larry Poe

The Rotary Club of Tryon was very fortunate to have Dr. Allen Monroe speak at their October 24th meeting.? Rotarian Larry Poe introduced Dr. Monroe as?Professor Emeritus of Social Sciences at Cedarville University and let the Club know that he would be sharing information about his experiences traveling the word as a minister.

Dr. Monroe discussed his good fortune to have been able to travel to China so many times over the years.? He explained that “no one can be an expert on China”.? The country is too large, diverse and full of history from the Dynasties through the current age.? During the presentation, Dr. Monroe described his most recent trip to China and how the persecution of Christians has expanded with changes to the political structure.?

Dr. Monroe and his wife Dr. Beverly Monroe were in China recently for the very joyful wedding of their long time translator.? ?During the presentation, Dr. Monroe shared images of the classes he taught, the scenery of the area, the wedding ceremony and the wonderful food.? The Club also learned that Beverly Monroe is an accomplished pianist and that she entertained their Chinese hosts with a concert.

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