George Alley Shares Outreach Update with Rotary

At a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Tryon, one of the members mentioned that the service projects the Club does are important, but he also likes attending the meetings to learn more about what is happening in our community. A few weeks ago, George Alley, Executive Director of Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry, did just that when he updated the club on the current operations of his organization.

George started his presentation by highlighting how Outreach reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic. With very strong support from community donations and the Polk County Community Foundation, the staff and volunteers were able to adjust their operations and provide safe support for clients needing help.

George said, “We have received tremendous support from our community. Our donors understand that many people have lost their jobs and they want to make sure Outreach has the resources necessary to support families through the pandemic.”

Rotarian George Alley receives a 1,000 pound donation of beef from Chinquapin Farm in Tryon.

George went on to explain that the Outreach Board of Directors has been involved in an ongoing Strategic Planning Initiative. One outcome of the planning was a new logo that highlights the main areas of focus for the Organization. Outreach is committed to providing Food and Housing support to Polk County residents with Helping Hand and Caring Hearts.

New Logo

During the presentation, George also highlighted the work Outreach is doing to provide housing opportunities for clients. In partnership with the construction classes at Polk County high School and Rimer Construction, Outreach now has two houses on the property.

The houses were built on the Polk County High School campus and then moved onto the Outreach property. The construction of the houses gave the high school students building experience they can transfer into career opportunities. The two houses are part of a larger community Outreach has planned for the property.

George went on to say, “The Outreach Board understands that if we can get families into a stable home, we can begin to work on breaking the poverty cycle. This project wouldn’t be possible without the strong support of the Polk County Community Foundation and the donors from the community.”

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