George Alley Visits Tryon Estates Rotarians

Rotarian George Alley, Executive Director of Thermal Belt Outreach Ministries (TBOM), visited the Rotary Satellite Club of Tryon – TE at their meeting on Tuesday, February 18th to acquaint the club with the history, functions and future vision of his organization. Tryon Estates Rotarians learned that TBOM was formed in 1991 with the purpose of providing compassionate assistance to Polk County residents that do not have the resources to provide for their basic life needs.

Rotarians Mike Dickenson, George Alley and Larry Poe

A good example of the growth of their services, is it’s expansion from 150 home family visits in it?s first year to 3,709 in 2019. The organization is comprised of a paid staff of 5 and 85 active volunteers. In addition to a community food pantry, they provide an expansive range of programs including but not limited to, financial assistance for rent, heat and other utilities, dental, medical, prescriptions and home maintenance. They have developed a strategic plan that addresses the anticipated emerging needs of Polk County’s less fortunate residents.

Submitted by Carolyn Dickenson