Guiding Reins Visits Tryon Estates Rotarians

Diane Prewitt founder of Guiding Reins visited the Rotary Satellite Club of Tryon-TE on Tuesday December 3rd to familiarize the members and other Tryon Estates residents with her equine assisted therapy program. This Polk County based program is designed to assist veterans, first responders and others with a unique and powerful therapy experience. This alternative approach to improving mental and physical health utilizes both mounted therapy and ground horsemanship.

Rotarian Mike Dickenson and Guiding Reins Founder Diane Prewitt

Horses once destined for disposal allow for a powerful heart-minded connection between both human and equine to address both physical and mental issues. Guiding Reins has both group and individual sessions customized to serve client-specific needs. As they regularly work with the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs as well as Veterans Agencies, Polk County resident now have a locally based proven tool to take back the reins and enjoy life again.