Joshua Kennedy Honored as Paul Harris Fellow

At last week’s meeting, the Rotary Club of Tryon recognized Joshua Kennedy, Director of Health & Human Services of Polk County, as an honorary Paul Harris Fellow.

In 1905 a young lawyer named Paul Harris with a small group of community leaders in Chicago started the first Rotary club. To encourage ongoing contributions to worldwide efforts, the Paul Harris Fellowship was established at $1,000 levels for recognition of support to donors or persons designated and honored by local Rotary clubs.

Rotarian Art Brown presents the Paul Harris Fellowship to Joshua Kennedy, Director of Polk County Health & Human Services

Joshua Kennedy, is being honored for the magnificent leadership he provided to Polk County in dealing with the COVID19 pandemic. The professional use of staff and volunteers and observed strong organization has resulted in praise and respect from the community at large.

Health and Hygiene is one of the major areas of focus for Rotary International. And, interestingly, Rotary has been
leading the world wide attempt to wipe out polio since 1985. From strong individual and club financial support to the massive core of volunteers providing inoculations throughout the world, total success against Polio is being realized.

The Rotary Club of Tryon has recognized numerous worthy members of our community as Paul Harris Fellows. Joshua Kennedy we are most honored and pleased to welcome you into the Paul Harris Fellowship.