Lennie Rizzo – New Member

In 2017, the Rotary Club of Tryon was honored to recognize Lennie Rizzo as a Paul Harris Fellow for his devotion to rescuing injured, special needs animals in the Polk County area.

Pictured (left to right) Ken Shull, Rotary Club of Tryon President 2017, Lennie and Elaine Rizzo, and Don Lyons, Tryon Rotary Foundation President 2017.

Since 2017, Lennie has been a frequent visitor to the club’s meetings and events. In January of 2019, the club was fortunate to finally induct Lennie Rizzo as an official Rotary Club of Tryon member. Lennie has shown himself to be a Person of Action through his work in developing and funding the Lennie’s Kids program. Through this program Lennie works tirelessly to support neglected pets with special medical needs.

Elaine Rizzo, new member Lennie Rizzo & sponsor John Gargiulo

After the induction ceremony, new members are often asked to introduce themselves to the club by presenting a three minute biography. Instead of a three minute presentation on his many accomplishments, Lennie read a poem he had written.

When It’s Over

When the afterworld is beckoning,
Upon the reckoning,
When I take in account what life has been,

Will the tabulators bless,
A life without success,
And account the battles I simply did not win.

Sure, I made many friends,
And always upheld their ends,
But I never seemed to give them very much,

At times my life was rough,
Will they say that it’s enough,
All the souls that I’ve managed to touch.

I was carefree, I was funny,
And I never made much money,
But I quickly gave the little that I had,

I loved with deep emotion,
And an undying devotion,
Will they say that it was god, or it was bad.

I made hundreds of mistakes,
And some suffered in my wake,
Though their suffering was never my intent,

I fought and uphill fight,
And I don’t know if I was right,
But I still managed to made a few content.

I guess my life was mediocre,
Sometimes seer, sometimes joker,
With a spirit that was boundless and was free,

Will the judges understand,
When I make my final stand,
And have pity on one as insignificant as me.

The Rotary Club of Tryon is lucky to have Lennie as a new member and we are looking forward to the energy he will bring to the Club.

The Rotary Club of Tryon meets at 12:00 on Thursday in the Tryon Presbyterian Church. If you are interested in joining the Club, please contact the Club?s President, Fred Hartley at 423-341-4965 or hartleyfred46@gmail.com