Luke Hartley – Rotary Alumnus

Rotary Club of Tryon President Fred Hartley started the 2018-2019 Rotary year by hosting an exhilarating presentation given by his son Luke Hartley.  Fred was originally introduced to Rotary when Luke was a student at Rice University.  During his presentation, Luke told how he received a Rotary Ambassador Scholarship to study abroad.  Now more than 20 years after that scholarship, Luke shared with the club how the Texas Rotary Club that sponsored his Ambassador scholarship changed his life.  A video of Luke’s presentation is linked below.

Video of Presentation

During the presentation, Luke shared how the Ambassador scholarship inspired him to make a difference in the world.  He accomplished this by harnessing the power of Rotary Clubs and initiating projects in Fiji, India and Africa.  After sharing his experiences, Luke encouraged Rotary Members to embrace the 2018-2019 theme of “Be The Inspiration”.  If the Texas Rotary Club had not taken him in and provided the Ambassador Scholarship, he would not have known how to make the changes he has made in the world.  Luke challenged the Rotary members to look around the community and see who they can inspire this year. 

Luke & Fred Hartley
Luke Hartley shared how he experienced the the power of Rotary in numerous countries around the world. Pictured left to right : Luke Hartley, Fred Hartley