Mark Gargiulo Visits Rotary Club of Tryon

The Rotary Club of Tryon had a visit from Rotarian Mark Gargiulo of Goshen New York last week. Mark wasn’t just in town to visit the club, he was also spending time with his brother, and fellow Rotarian, John Gargiulo.

Mark is the President of the Rotary Club of Goshen, New York. During his visit, Mark and Rotary Club of Tryon President Stacey Lindsey exchanged club banners. The banner for each club contains an image of a horse to celebrate the equestrian history in their communities.

Rotary Club Presidents Mark Gargiulo & Stacey Lindsey

The Rotary Club of Tryon meets Thursday at noon in the Tryon Presbyterian Church. If you are interested in joining the Club, please contact President Stacey Lindsay at: 864-360-6170 or