Polk County Historical Association Museum

Columbus Mayor Pat McCool and Becky Hudson presented an overview of the Polk County Historical Association Museum and the birth of the County to the Rotary Satellite Club of Tryon ? TE (Tryon Estates) at it?s February 4 meeting.
They shared an extremely interesting description of our local museum as well the history and heritage of these Foothills we call home. Among the many items that the Rotarians learned was that the county founded in 1855 was not named for James K Polk the 11 th US President but Colonel William Polk, a distinguished Revolutionary War Hero.

Pat McCool, Becky Hudson and Rotarian Larry Poe

They were also informed that the town of Columbus, contrary to what is assumed, was not named after the explorer Christopher Columbus but Columbus Mills, a member of the state legislature who came within one vote of receiving the Democratic nomination for governor in the 1852 election which the Democrats won.

The Rotarians were indeed pleased to be able to learn such a great wealth of information about this fine area.

Submitted by Carolyn Dickenson