Reading Is Fundamental

The Rotary Club of Tryon brings the Reading in Fundamental program to Polk Central Elementary students three times each year. On a cold rainy day in January, the Rotarians made their second visit to the school this year. During the program, the Rotarians shared their love of reading with classes and then helped each student select a book to take home.

Rotarian Carolyn Jones organizes the visits and orders the 1,500 books that will be distributed to the students. This year, the Rotarians were very excited to have Jenny Purtill join the group. Before moving the the area with her husband, Rotarian Allan Purtill, Jenny was a school librarian in the Charlotte area. Her experience reading with children was a great addition to the day.

The Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program provides much needed support for the students at Polk Central Elementary. Angela Dufford, Reading Teacher at the school says, “We’ve been reading excerpts from chapter books with the students. Through the generosity of the RIF program, our students have been able to locate one of these books and take it home. To them, it’s like finding a treasure. A wonderful way to build a home library and wet their appetite to the adventures of reading.”

Rotarian Carolyn Jones reads to Polk Central preschool students.
Jenny Purtill, wife of Rotarian Alan Purtill, shares her experiences with Polk Central students.

The Rotary Club of Tryon meets Thursday at noon at the Tryon Presbyterian Church. If you are interested in joining the Club, please contact President Stacey Lindsay at: 864-360-6170 or