Red Rubber Ball Foundation

The Rotary Club of Tryon hosted their first international speaker of 2021 at last week’s meeting. Club members were very fortunate to hear from Neil Kirby about the work being done by the Red Rubber Ball Foundation in Africa.

Anyone who has ever started a philanthropic venture soon realizes the need is much greater than they could have ever believed. This is true for Neil’s work in Africa. The Red Rubber Ball Foundation began in 2010 with the goal of starting a small farm for orphans in the village of Mundeku in Western Kenya. Then, as Neil said, “it got out of control in a good way”.

The food from the farm was needed as “tuition” for attending the local elementary school. Without the food, the young students could not attend school. The farm lead to the need for a well. Once the students completed elementary school, they needed money to pay the secondary school tuition.

Children from the village of Mundeku in Western Kenya getting clean water from a well provided by the Red Rubber Ball Foundation.

When Neil learned about the need for secondary school tuition assistance, he knew he needed to help end the cycle of poverty. “The children are too poor to afford the school tuition, but they will remain poor if they can’t get an education”. For an annual donation of about $580, anyone can sponsor a life changing education for a student.

Neil Kirby With Scholarship Recipient in Africa.

To learn more about the Red Rubber Ball Foundation, please visit: The website also provides an opportunity to help fund a student’s annual tuition.

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Hear some of the students we?ve sponsored, speak about their experiences. Normal kids, with normal aspirations, who?ve been able to attend school.