Rotary Acronyms

Acronym / Abbreviation ? ? ? ?   Meaning
  AG  Assistant Governor
  APF  Annual Program Fund
  CLP  Club Leadership Plan
  COG  Council of Governors
  COL  Council on Legislation
  DDF  District Designated Fund
  DG  District Governor
  DGE  District Governor Elect
  DGN  District Governor Nominee
  DSA  Distinguished Service Award
  EREY  Every Rotarian Every Year
  FRP  Foundation Recognition Points
  IPDG  Immediate Past District Governor
  IPP  Immediate Past President
  PDG  Past District Governor
  PE  President Elect
  PEPS? Presidents Elect Preparatory Seminers
  PETS  Presidents Elect Training Seminar
  PHF  Paul Harris Fellow
  PHF+  Paul Harris Fellow Multiple Recognition
  PHS  Paul Harris Society
  PHSM  Paul Harries Sustaining Member
  PN  President Nominee
  PP  Past President
  PRI  President Rotary International
  PRIE  President Rotary International Elect
  PRIP  Past Rotary International President
  PROBUS  Professional and Business (Club)
  RFE  Rotary Friendship Exchange
  RFSM  Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member
  RI  Rotary International
  RID  Rotary International Director
  RIP  Rotary International President
  RIPE  Rotary International President Elect
  RWPF  Rotary World Peace Fellow
  RYE  Rotary Youth exchange
  RYLA  Rotary Youth Leadership Award
  TRF  The Rotary Foundation
  YEP  Youth Exchange Program