Rotary Foundation Benefactors

Rotarians Stacey Lindsey & George Alley were recently recognized as Rotary Foundation Benefactors for their significant contributions to the Endowment Fund at the Rotary International Foundation. Rotarian Doug Fowler presented the awards to Stacey and George at the weekly meeting of Rotary Club of Tryon.

Rotarians George Alley, Doug Fowler & Stacey Lindsey

The Trustees of the Rotary Foundation established the Endowment Fund in 1982 to help fund Rotary International’s humanitarian and educational programs around the world. Contributions to the Endowment Fund are not spent. The contributions are invested and a portion of the earnings are used to support Foundation programs. In this way, gifts to the Endowment Fund are a lasting legacy to help future generations in need. Rotarians who contribute to the Endowment Fund through their estate plans are Rotary Foundation Benefactors.

Rotary Foundation Endowment Fund Benefactors

  • have chosen to make a generous gift of lasting value
  • understand that we live in a world where millions suffer from war, disease, poverty, and inadequate educational opportunities
  • understand that if we are to save and change lives, we must continue to seek ways to bring the world closer to peace and understanding
  • have chosen to provide an income stream to meet these urgent human needs now and well into the future.

The Rotary Club of Tryon is very proud to recognize the many contributions Stacey Lindsey and George Alley make to Rotary and their local community.