Rotary International Director Visits Rotary Club of Tryon

Rotary Director Stephanie Urchick

The Rotary Club of Tryon was very fortunate to have Rotary International Director Stephanie Urchick visit with club members this week. Stephanie is a member of the McMurray Rotary Club in Pennsylvania and serves on the Board of Directors for Rotary International.

For the past few years, Stephanie has served as the Chair of Rotary International’s Strategic Planning committee. During her presentation, she highlighted how:

“Our new strategic plan is different from our past plans. This will be our Action Plan?our organization?s call to action to work together to build a stronger future. This plan will help us realize what?s truly possible when People of Action unite, connect with others who share our values, and commit to creating change in the world and within ourselves.”

Rotarians pride themselves on being people of action. We are local clubs providing service to our community while also working together to improve the lives of people around the world.

Rotary?s plan for the next five years is to: Increase our impact, Expand our reach, Enhance participant engagement, and Increase our ability to adapt.

  • Increase our Impact – Service projects as the backbone of an effective Rotary Club. The new plan asks each club to look around their community and find new projects to Increase our Impact upon the world.
  • Expand Our Reach – Bringing new members into Rotary is an ever present need. Expanding our Reach to new members will help Rotary continue to grow and serve.
  • Enhance Participant Engagement – Keeping members engaged is an important goal for each Club. The new plan asks each club to look at their programming and projects to determine if changes can be made to more fully engage all members.
  • Increase Our Ability to Adapt – As we take on new projects and bring in new members, Rotary will change. As Rotarian we will embrace this change because we know it will make our clubs stronger and more able to meet the future needs of our community.

The Rotary Club of Tryon was pleased to have Director Urchick attend our meeting and we are looking forward to implementing the Action Plan she has worked to create.

If you are interested in joining the Rotary Club of Tryon in implementing the new Action Plan for Rotary International, please contact President Skip Taylor at: or 828-200-9259.