Sheriff Wright Visits Rotary

Sheriff Wright

The Rotary Club of Tryon was pleased to have Sheriff Tim Wright visit the Club’s meeting last week.

Sheriff Wright’s visit is the third in a series of meetings where community leaders share an update on what is happening in our community. The Sheriff told the members that he wants an office “that is committed to serving the people of Polk County”.

Most Rotary Club members know about the deputies who patrol our county, but we don’t know about the many other aspects of Sheriff’s responsibilities. Under Sheriff Wright’s leadership his Office:

  • oversees a 911 center that handles about 50,000 calls a year
  • operates the Detention Center
  • ensures Deputies receive regular training on effective law enforcement procedures
  • provides a Chaplain program that offers support and comfort for victims, officers, and inmates
  • offers crime prevention strategies for the community
  • conducts community engagement meetings
  • provides an extensive School Resource Officer program serving all schools

As part of the crime prevention strategies, the Sheriff informed the Club about the recent apprehension of individuals breaking into a property. The homeowner had notified the Sheriff’s office that they would be away from the home for an extended period of time and asked the Sheriff’s office to check the property periodically. During one of the routine checks, a Sheriff Deputy stopped an active break-in.

Rotary Club of Tryon members participated in the meeting via Zoom, and after the presentation the Sheriff answered questions from the members. During this time, the Sheriff was able to talk about his Office’s response to the pandemic. The last year has seen a significant increase in domestic violence, fraud and mental health related calls. The Sheriff also had to train deputies in how to safely interact with the community while maintaining COVID19 health standards

If you are interested in learning more about what is happening in your community, consider joining the Rotary Club of Tryon. For more information, contact the Club’s President, Skip Taylor at or 828-200-9259.